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  A young americans drove his new "fiat" cars in the street, he is very careful, because he was afraid of what accident would dirty his car around, he hit the horn blaring lest others all the way, all the way is very secure, but unexpectedly, and when he had a turn, only heard the door fiercely rang, he quickly reaction to come over, the brakes quickly stopped, but when he walked out of the door only to find that nothing else is his car is damaged, the door left a gash myself, standing next to a hair to a child, he was mad, but children coming soon explains: "uncle, I'm sorry, I don't think I do so, I will never lose slid from the wheelchair fell on the ground in front of the elder brother, I can't move a person." Young people listen to, anger suddenly, he didn't go to blame the child, also does not have to repair your door to door, because he knew that the child should remind yourself to something brave regret to do it, regardless of the outcome, he should go to thank children, he also believes that children will thank yourself.


  Isn't that the account was a kind of happiness? Most of the time appreciate others will let your heart be released, give them comfort and happiness after Thanksgiving. Because people live in and by the grace of too much, our heart is carrying debt in jump, our life is parents give, we spent too many people doing the healthy growth of the soul, of our sneakingly had caused many people pain, our failure has made many people along. How many people have the flowers to the head for yourself and, how many people are on the way we grow gave us support and encouragement excitation. Can we say we can not still "debt"? Can't.

  A lot of people in order to "debt" also learned to Thanksgiving, giant woods golf game of life is to give the mother a don't, he is successful, I think he must be a sweet happiness of harvest. In order to save the mother's Tian Shiguo, also not to Thanksgiving, I think he only happiness in my heart, never regret and pain.

  Gratitude like a cup of fragrant teas, product after just know taste, gratitude, like an umbrella, umbrella just know there is no wind no rain, after Thanksgiving as a piano, 到哪看癫痫病看的好play up just know sounds beautiful.

  Institute of Thanksgiving, the release of the heavy burden. Institute of Thanksgiving, to the person you love to get your sunshine, institute of Thanksgiving, let happiness after Thanksgiving heart grow!






  The word "happiness" everybody says, but everyone is different understanding of happines颠痫病专科医院s. Some people think that if there is a billionaire, is happiness; Some people think that every day can eat, can happiness; Some people think that to live, will be happy; And I think chang huaikang Thanksgiving heart, enjoy the care, very happy.

  The first thing I would like to thank the mother kindness to me, because a mother's love always around me.

  I remember one day after I came home from school, I write my homework, suddenly feel head very dizzy, then lay on the bed. At this moment, mom came into the room, just want to blame me, see my face tired, touched my forehead, suddenly shout loudly "is not good, have a fever!" Say that finish, she cheated on me so fast underground floor, hit a taxi, to the hospital. Classics doctor is diagnosed is caused tonsil suppuration fever, need to hang water immediately. This is more than four hours, mother always by my side. It was midnight when we got home at eleven o 'clock, my mother after I settle down, trudging busy housework again.

  A mother's love is so great, makes clear. I thank my mother, in her to love, I am healthy and happy growth.

  I would a治疗癫痫病比较正规医院是哪家医院lso like to thank the teacher for my kindness, because of the teacher tireless edification and selfless dedication, so I learned many knowledge and human reason, make I thrive.

  Friendship in the end, I would also like to thank my classmates, because of their company and care, my childhood more colorful.

  Hope everyone chang huaikang Thanksgiving heart; Chang huaikang singleness of heart; Chang huaikang help others heart; In this way, our society will be more harmonious, people's life will be more happy.








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